Shop great comic books in Amsterdam

Some people spent their entire lives dedicated to a certain hobby. Collecting comic books is something that they start at a young age, even from the moment when they receive the first comic book, in a magical day of Christmas. The passion is lit and they will become addicted to these colorful pages telling beautiful stories of our favorite heroes. If you want to complete your collection of comic books, come to Amsterdam and your wish will come true.

Best stores that sell comic books

Many Amsterdam shops merchandise amazing comic shops that will absolutely charm you. On Keizersgracht you will find C.I.A., which stands for Comic Import Amsterdam. They bring here comic books from all over the world, books in various languages and made by hundreds of appreciated artists. Make sure you spend here several hours because you might find the comic books that you have always dreamed for.

Stroll on the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and you will find comic books stores hidden nearby glowing venues from where an Amsterdam escort from might appeal you to drink a few glasses together. Gojoker on Zeedijk is a shop specialized in graphic and American comics, but they also sell Dutch comics. The great news is that you can find here old pieces that people forgot about. Search thoroughly and you might become the lucky owner of a masterpiece.

Since you will arrive to Amsterdam, you must visit Europe’s first comic shop. Lambiek is probably the best venue you will ever enter, displaying thousands of comic books. This place was opened in the year 1968 and you can probably purchase comic books dating back to that year. That would be awesome for your collection. Have a walk to Koningsstraat to buy some cartoons from Lambiek then go further to Breathcatchers, this shop where you will find one-of-a-kind leather costumes and fetish accessories.

Explore Amsterdam’s shops

As for the largest comic book store in Netherlands, you have to hop on a bike and enjoy the architecture and views until you will reach on Geldersekade to Henk. You might have thought that Gojoker and Lambiek are amazing, but Henk is a lot more than those stores. Whether you collect manga, comic books or other cartoon, this is definitely a place from where you are not allowed to leave empty-handed. Read, touch and smell the comic books, enjoy holding them in your hands and spend some time on a chair, reading new stories with your favorite superheroes and how they will win against the villains.

Graphic novels opened our eyes to a different world, a world where good always wins and where the heroes’ efforts are always rewarded. Comic books taught people how to hope for more and better, they gave wings to children who could not fit at school and inspired everyone to dream. The imagination, creativity and skills of the artists entice comic books lovers, but the stories behind the characters are what make people crazy about graphic novels. What is your favorite comic book?