More reasons to love comic books

Comic books enthusiasts are convinced that there is a comic book for everyone. Whether you prefer horror comics, manga, graphic novels or superheroes stories, you know that your life would not be the same without comic books. Not only that they are easy to read, but they are also creative, they lit up your imagination and cause some sort of addiction to those who read them.

A world displayed in pictures

Marvel and DC are the most renowned comic book houses. Some of the most popular comic book were even turned into movie productions and gained more popularity. The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman and X-Men are only some of the movies you have seen that were based in a comic book or graphic novel. We love comic books because they are the most complete form of storyline and they manage to blend words with visuals. They actually engage more parts of our brains and they delight us with every intriguing line of our favorite superhero.

Comic books spark the imagination and they are quite fun to read. Because they plant the seed of wonder and inspire us to achieve great things, everyone should read at least one in their life. In graphic novels, a picture is sure worth a thousand words. They express what it cannot be expressed and astonish when words are not enough.

In the midst of action, when you are curious about what will happen next and a picture appears with no message whatsoever, it will get very frustrating. But you must admit that you love this kind of tension. And it will make you read more of the comic book, to find the truth and destinies of the characters. What was the first comic book you ever read?