Most expensive comic books in the world

Comic books are way more than merely superhero movies. They cause addiction even from the first book, they are interesting, stir our imagination and combine perfectly images with great lecture. No wonder why people would spend so much on a comic book. They are collectible and the auctions can get a bit too intense. Did you know that the most expensive comic book was sold for over three million dollars?

Outrageous prices of comic books

The number one of “Action Comics” is the holy grail of comic books, so it is not a surprise it was sold on Ebay for this outrageous amount of money. As the first Superman comic book, “Action Comic” was published in June 1938 and had a great influence on comic books enthusiasts. It reveals the first appearance of Superman and it is considered the beginning of the superhero genre.

Marvel Comic’s character Spiderman was introduced in the 15th number of “Amazing Fantasy” in August 1962 and it changed the course of comic books history. This book was sold in 2011 for $1.1 million because it was the first time when a teenager was turned into a superhero. A teenager with problems, doubts and money problems, who loved someone who did not love him back.

The 27th number of “Detective Comics” was sold for a little over $1 million, setting a new record. The book was published in May 1939 and it is the first comic book where Batman appears. Only several numbers after the readers will discover the origins of this character. Yet other comic books such as “Batman” #1, “Flash Comics” #1 and “Tales of Suspense” #39 will cost a fortune those who consider buying them.

These books sold out soon after their first publishing and only a few people are lucky enough to own such a masterpiece. Would you spend so much to have one in your own collection of comic books?